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parent Testimonials From company members

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Aspire has helped our daughter build confidence

Aspire has been a fantastic studio for our daughter to grow. The competitive team is the perfect combination of hard work and skill development along with camaraderie and character development. Dancing with Aspire has helped our daughter build confidence in herself and independence. 💜💜💜

val milne

aspire captures my heart!

Aspire Dance continues to capture my heart! 💜 It's obvious that they truly love and appreciate their dancers and dance families. I'm so grateful that we've found a home with them! If you have a child that loves dance and are searching for an excellent studio, please reach out to Aspire! I promise, you will NOT be disappointed!

miranda weston

i'm beyond thankful for aspire!

My daughter Rylee is on her 6th year dancing at Aspire. They’re absolutely incredible and I’m beyond thankful for them. Choosing Aspire Dance Center for my daughter was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! We love them all so much and couldn’t ask for a better dance family to be apart of! ❤️

jennie boesel

aspire treats us likeFamily

We just switched to Aspire after being at another studio for several years and could not be happier! The owner and staff are incredibly welcoming, friendly, and supportive. They made us feel confident in our switch and treat us like family already. My daughter is very happy and looks forward to coming to practice!

emily vandenheuvel

Hear Ashleigh's Story!

Ashleigh was a student at Aspire Dance Center for 13 years, and has now graduated into an Aspire faculty member and Tremaine Performance Company member!! - but you would not recognize her from when she first started.

When Ashleigh first joined Aspire Dance Center, she was very shy and timid to join in during class. Now, within her time at Aspire, Ashleigh is THRIVING!

Celebrating our students is our greatest joy. Helping your child to blossom with confidence and discover a new passion is the heart of what you can expect here at Aspire Dance Center.